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My name Is Candy Christopher. I'm a 50 something married woman from South Florida.  I fucked my first guy other than my husband in 1995 and from the minute his big cock slid into me, I knew that one man would never be enough for me again. Although me fucking some guy had been my husband's fantasy, he never believed I'd really do it and was even more stunned when I told him that I was going to do it again and again and when and where I wanted and that I really wanted him to accept it. Of course, he did; it's exactly what he wanted ... plus, he loves me and knows that to be happy, I need more fucking than even he can give me. After discussing it, we decided to build my first website 'Hot-Candy' in 1998 to document our lifestyle and frankly as a way for me to meet other men. Originally, we never intended for it to get as big or be as long running and as successful as it's become over the last 19 years. Despite all of the growth, all of the changes, and all of my members, we have NEVER changed what we set out to do ... documenting our lifestyle and what we do, each and every week, on the internet. There's a lot of things you'll see me do here but there's also a lot of things you won't see ... you'll never see me having sex with women; 90% of the amateurs and most of the swingers out there do and most I talk with think I'm weird, but I'm not bisexual, bi-curious or bi-anything ... I Fuck Men, period. You'll also never see pictures or video here that are a result of a set-up meeting or 'photo shoot' or 'casting call' or whatever you want to call it. Here's the deal ... I don't meet men for pictures or videos and I don't meet men for sex. Do I have sex with men I meet and are there pictures and videos of it here ... absolutely, you bet; but every situation was done first and foremost for fun, because I need a lot of sex and because my husband loves to watch me do it. There's thousands of websites out there, and hundreds of them show real sex but few if any of them do it like I do. Plus, I've been fucking since before most of the "girls" on the internet were born and I promise you, I do it very well! So, take a look, Join Me, enjoy me, and I think you'll agree.

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